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Communication Skills for International Business People

Getting the message across

How to Communicate with
Clarity, Brevity & Impact™.


What is Think on Your Feet® ?

Getting your ideas across clearly, concisely,
persuasively, (and being remembered), is a
core skill.

Everyone wants you to get to the point. Quickly.
Think on Your Feet® introduces the
“capsules-of-persuasion” concept ...

10 plans that structure
your ideas quickly for
Clarity, Brevity and Impact.

Clarity Means Being Understood
While 100000000 is ‘unclear’, 100,000,000 isn’t. Structure
makes the difference. Learning how to structure ideas,
using both left- and right-brain logics, makes even
technically complex topics accessible to listeners.

Brevity Means ‘Getting to the Point’
‘Getting to the point’ requires focus.
Structure forces focus. In an era of information overload,
brevity is valued. Less is more.

Impact Means Being Persuasive
Persuasion stems from relevance; anticipating
listener interests is the secret of relevance.
Add memorable structure and you produce
lasting impact.

Think on Your Feet®
teaches Clarity, Brevity and
Impact in the presentation
of ideas. Which is why it is
now considered a core
competency for “knowledge”

Who Should Attend?
Think on Your Feet ® is designed for anyone concerned about communication.
  • Senior Executives
  • Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Technical Specialists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Public Affairs Experts
  • Training Professionals

Workshop Materials
Every participant receives a bound 180-page Workshop Manual, containing a synopsis of the Think on Your Feet® formats for easy study —plus examples, work-sheets, checklists, and memory-jogging wallet cards.

  Latest News 

Think on Your Feet®
is now available in Florence, Italy

Email  to register and receive full details.

Think on Your Feet® is available in over 22 countries worldwide. It has been running for over 20 years and over 100,000 people have attended the 2-day course.

For more information about Think on Your Feet®  see the worldwide website

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