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Executive Coaching for International Business People

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Send an e-mail to giving your name, phone number (including International code), a brief description of your role and tell me what you would like to improve in your life. Also tell me what the best time is to call, and we'll arrange one straight away.

The first coaching session is FREE so there is nothing to lose.

The Coaching Relationship 
Coaching is a series of conversations - usually 1 hour per  week for 3 months depending on the clients requirements and the benefits they receive.

A coaching relationship is different from those we have with family, friends & colleagues. With friends there is a two way relationship where the needs of both are important & each operates within the existing etiquette of the friendship.

Coaching has no boundaries, and the only person important is the client. This positive and empowering environment allows the client to explore and experiment with their goals and desires, to discover ways, means and actions to achieve their goals.
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