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Finance Training for International Business People

Adding to Shareholder Value

If you aren't managing your business numbers what are you managing?

Finance for non-financial managers

Increasing shareholder value is the key objective for most businesses, but do all managers in the organisation know this, and do they know what they can do to increase it?

If the managers of the business don't know how to measure shareholder value or increase it - then it probably won't happen. Take control of the business and train your managers in financial skills.

Courses can be tailored to your company needs and can last from half a day to a week. Contact us for more details.

Other Products/Services

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The Coaching Clinic®
Teaching managers how to use coaching in the work place.

Presentation Skills.
Do you have an Important presentation to make? Let Keith support you in structuring and practicing the presentation. First impressions count so be prepared. 
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